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Corona X Jayson Tatum

Living La Vida Más Fina requires confidence, something All-Star power forward (and Finest Baller in the NBA) Jayson Tatum is an expert in. Who better to help Fans of the Fine Life shoot their shot on Valentine's Day?

Shoot Your Shot

With Valentine’s Day as our cultural moment, La Cerveza Más Fina as our drink of choice, and the NBA’s finest star as our right-hand man, we showed up to give basketball Fans of the Fine Life a chance to engage with the world’s best Wingman: Jayson Tatum.

Warm Up

Aside from rating fan date submissions, we also treated followers

to fun affirmations from JT, because you've gotta warm-up before hitting the court-ship.

E -Cards

Followers also had the chance to download Valentine's E-Cards to make asking out that special somebody a layup.

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